Relationship or Marriage Coaching

Create the Marriage or Relationship You Want

Now, through a unique Marriage and Relationship Program developed by Dee Whitaker and Emotional Wellness Coaching, you will learn how to create and maintain the committed and lasting marriage or relationship you've dreamed of having. You will learn to:

  • Utilize easy techniques to help you remain calm and focused in difficult situations
  • Address the root cause of any conflict with the right approach for that situation
  • Communicate in a calm and effective manner so that each understands the other's point of view
  • Avoid the pushback, blame, excuses, anger and escalation that only add to the problem
  • Let go of negative thoughts and behavior patterns and master effective communication skills
  • Recognize and replace the negative self-talk and isolating behaviors that are holding you back
  • Overcome the fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your relationship

Many believe the secret to maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship is good communication. However, there are often communication challenges in relationships. Even if you are clearly communicating what it is you want, if your partner is not listening, or wants something very different and one of you is not willing to compromise, then you are probably notcommunicating in a manner that will strengthen your marriage or relationship.

"Dee, you are a miracle worker! The changes that my husband and I experienced after just one session are profound. I am truly in awe of your ability to intuitively understand our needs, both individually and as a couple, and help us implement a unique plan that works perfectly for us! We love the techniques that you taught us, and the sense of calm, peace and connectedness we both feel during the session. Now when we spend time together we are present with each other and are able to truly hear what each other is saying. We are now able to validate that to the other partner, and emphasize with what they are feeling. We are so grateful to you for introducing us to a new way of being together and teaching us effective and productive communication techniques. This experience has truly been a blessing and we are so looking forward to more sessions with you! " LC , Raleigh

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Dee Whitaker, Certified Life Coach