Learn how to take charge of your emotions to achieve the best possible outcomes on the golf course and in every area of your life.

Dee Whitaker is a Certified Professional Life Coach who specializes in Emotional Wellness and Sports Performance. Recent research has shown that many aspects of the brain can be altered, even in adulthood. Neuroplasticity is defined as the brain's ability to change, remodel and reorganize for the purpose of better ability to adapt to new situations and improve performance. Dee's unique approach utilizes simple and effective methods that have helped many remove their limitations and move forward toward their goals. She can help you improve your golf game and your life.

Everyone understands that too much stress, anxiety, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs have an adverse effect on sports performance. You've probably heard the catchy phrase, "Golf is 90% mental." You've also probably thrown away enough rounds due to anger, impatience or anxiety to know that while 90% mental may be an exaggeration, your mental game is at least as important as your physical skills and abilities. Why, then, do so many still equate golf ability only with physical skill? In truth, some players are more definable by the way they think than by the way they swing.

"Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half inch course, the space between your ears." Bobby Jones

While mindfulness techniques and positive psychology may help in the short term, they do not address the inner conflict that we all have. Golf instruction and self-improvement programs are also valuable, however, they do not teach you how important your emotions are to your game, or what triggers those emotions. Your emotions are influenced by your past - your past games, your childhood, your past behavior and the limiting belief patterns you have formed. While a positive attitude and knowledge of the game and technique are certainly essential to successful play, how you think and feel about your game is just as important. And for too many, how they think and feel leads to negative self-talk, reinforces their limiting beliefs, and results in charged emotions and self-defeating behaviors.

Everyone has emotional triggers - memories, situations and people that push their buttons and cause them to think and act impulsively. Most either stuff their feelings or express them in inappropriate ways. Either way, they quickly build into the uncomfortable sensations of tension, stress and anxiety that strain both the mind and body.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can learn that make stress more manageable by enabling you to be aware of difficult situations before things escalate. You can learn to identify your emotions and label them. Unlabeled emotions often go misunderstood and lead to irrational choices and counterproductive actions. You can also acquire inner knowledge to notice your emotional triggers and release them.

When you work with Dee you will learn to:

  • Play your best golf every round
  • Stop getting frustrated when you play
  • Develop a calm and centered mind
  • Understand how anxiety affects your game
  • Improve your focus and concentration
  • Believe in and trust your abilities
  • Develop confidence, on and off the course
  • Discover how you get in your own way
  • Release your anxiety and the "yips"
  • Develop "feel" for the course and the greens
  • Make the game and your life fun again

Many professional and Olympic athletes use the techniques Dee teaches. Now you can too. Call Dee Whitaker today to schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation. 919-622-5183.

Then, if you choose, Dee will teach you how to change your outlook and your feelings about yourself and past events. As you learn how to train your brain to a new higher standard of emotionally intelligent behavior, it will build the new neural pathways needed to make those behaviors into good habits. You will soon be in charge of your emotions and will begin responding to your surroundings in new ways, without having to think about it. You will evolve to a more positive way of feeling and experiencing your world - and your golf game will thank you.

Emotional Wellness Coaching
Dee Whitaker, CPLC, CCLC, CEFT