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Be Emotionally Free of Past Problems Today

Ever felt calm, really calm? It's possible to reclaim that feeling of deep calm today. It starts from the inside out.

The Choice is Yours

When you awoke this morning, you received the gift of 1,440 fresh new minutes. It is up to you to decide how you will fill those minutes. Will you dwell with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and hurtful emotions? Or will you make room for creativity, relaxation, joy and spirituality to rise up instead?

Thoughts and feelings of worry, pain, anxiety, fear frustration, anger, envy, bad memories or recent stressful events are damaging to your spirit, mind and body. The good news is that you can readily learn how to clear them out to make room for positive images, beneficial self-talk and pleasant memories.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), you will learn a simple way to tap away and permanently overcome dominating negative energies, while replacing them with life affirming thoughts and perceptions. Accepting this new view of yourself and your life, your energy and attitude will soar!

I discovered EFT, or Tapping, at a low point in my life, when I was dealing with disabling pain from an automobile accident. No matter what I tried, the pain would not go away. Thank goodness someone finally made me aware how negative emotions were controlling my thoughts almost every minute of every day. My body wasn't dealing with the pain well because I wasn't dealing well with emotional triggers that were unwittingly setting off constant internal upsets. When I learned how to control the roller coaster emotions, the physical pain ceased.

I created this website so that, like me, you can discover why Tapping has become one of the fastest growing approaches to personal growth. Starting this week, you can use it to begin transforming your health, relationships, finances and sports and career performance.

Dee Whitaker, Certified EFT Practitioner

What is EFT?

EFT is a gentle, noninvasive technique. Today it is used worldwide as a way to quickly help thousands of people like you and me, heal our own emotional and even physical problems.

The EFT process involves using your finger to repeatedly tap one of the body's 20 energy upper meridians on the face and upper body-stimulating the same nerve endings treated by acupuncture and acupressure-while making statements related to the issue at hand. No one else touches you as you are guided through the process by a trained and certified EFT practitioner experienced in helping others.

As you do this, you are encouraged to explore, express and release various facets of an emotional or physical issue. Bringing about a conscious awareness of options allows you to make new choices and redirect mind and body to a calmer, safer state free of old chronic tensions. The result is that you will immediately feel lighter and happier.

See Immediate Results

Whether you tap in a private session or in a group, the effects of EFT usually ripple out beyond the individual to benefit couples, families and friendships-allowing them to reframe unwanted patterns and heal past wounds and traumas. It's a proven technique for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and other discomfort while uncovering your true potential. Who doesn't want to relax and have the time and energy to focus on what's important?

EFT helps you see things from a different perspective. When you change your perspective, you change your experience. When you change your experience, your world begins to move in a different and more exciting and fulfilling direction.

Progress is measurable. Unlike traditional emotional therapy, EFT goes deep to examine the individual parts of each issue (rather than just the overall complaint) and evaluates the results at frequent intervals. A variety of simple monitoring methods confirms a client's verbal reports of progress and identifies remaining elements that still need to be individually addressed.

At the heart of virtually every negative emotion is some form of fear. Fear is credited with triggering more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activating more than 30 different hormones and neurotransmitters. When fear causes a stress reaction it literally marinates the body in toxic chemicals that are threatening to physical well-being.

Properly applied, EFT is like a reset button-it quickly realigns the energy meridians with respect to negative memories, disconnects the physical discomfort that we have attached to those memories, and often removes the resulting symptoms.

Sample Personal Benefits

Learning to use EFT unleashes empowerment. Give yourself the gift of learning how to eliminate whatever negative emotional energy is preventing you from living a more peaceful and prosperous life. You can soon be happier than ever before. You can come to:

  • Realize you have the choice to do more with your life
  • Overcome the feeling of being stuck and unfulfilled
  • Identify your true purpose and accomplish goals that support it
  • Uncover the hidden causes of harmful cravings and emotional eating
  • Eliminate the temptation of unhealthy foods
  • Become clear on the next steps needed
  • Define your true intentions, which will enable success
  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs
  • Release cravings and stop binge eating
  • Cure insomnia and sleep peacefully
  • Learn to trust again
  • Replace self-doubt with self-confidence
  • Reduce chronic and acute stress
  • Enjoy self-expression without fear of rejection
  • Break through barriers to financial freedom
  • Enjoy a more peaceful and abundant life
  • Be more productive and advance your career
  • Feel more connected with loved ones
  • Recognize God's presence in your life
  • Gain clarity by defining your dreams, desires and expectations as your permanent reality
  • Focus on how feelings, beliefs and attitudes about money affect progress in fulfilling goals
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Get a handle on relationships, work and money so they fuel progress
  • Move on from divorce, illness or trauma to create a magnificent life
  • Excel in favored sports activities
  • Uncover the fastest route to freedom from troubling problems
  • Move forward in life no matter what is going on
  • Control your emotions so they stop controlling you

Help is Here

As a certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and emotional wellness coach, I am here to remind you that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Rather than give answers, I apply tools to stimulate your creativity and remind you why you are the one best equipped to arrive at the best solutions.

Good advice can be helpful in jogging an alternate idea. But the best answers always come from the inside, often when we bump up against something and know that it feels right. As your EFT practitioner and emotional wellness coach, I will help you find your way back to yourself by looking inside; where you will find the guidance you seek.

Let me work with you to teach you powerful thought shifts that will forever change how you approach everything and everyone in your life-including yourself. I will help you connect with the changes you desire so that you can live a healthier life in mind, body and spirit.

I am available by phone or Skype for consultation. Contact Dee Whitaker by email: or by phone: 919-622-5183 for free 15 minute consult.