When I first met Dee, I was very stressed by my work and family situation, and it was significantly impacting my health and happiness in a negative way. I routinely cried on the way home from work, and got sucked into my family drama on a daily basis. I have been to several therapists in the past, and despite talking about my struggles over a period of years, didn't seem to get results. That's what I love about Dee! She has tools and techniques that actually clear the emotional stress from your mind, body and spirit, and allow you to move forward with a clean slate! I have cleared so many triggers in working with her, and feel more empowered and energized after every session. I am truly blessed and grateful to have Dee to assist me in finally learning to stand in my own power and have the energy to live my life's purpose! MD, Raleigh
For over a year, I have been dealing with the issues of retiring and what to do with myself once I do. Work has always been my life. When I thought about retiring, I asked myself with will I do? I discovered the Emotional Wellness Coaching Program in Natural Awakenings Magazine. I was drawn to an ad about the program and immediately called Dee Whitaker.

During our conversation, I strongly felt I would find the answers to my questions and scheduled an appointment. Not only have the sessions with Dee helped me to feel more secure about my future retirement, they have also helped me feel more confident with co-workers and clients. I am enjoying work again.

In addition to resolving my retirement issues, I have learned easy techniques for dealing with all kinds of stress and how to channel my desire to be or service. I have an improved relationship with co-workers, clients, family and friends. I am no longer apprehensive about retirement. As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to it! I am truly grateful to Dee and the Emotional Wellness Coaching Program. CW, Chapel Hill
In the few short months that I have known Dee, I have witnessed and experiences much healing — both in other people, and in myself. As a pastor, I found myself carrying the pain and suffering that belonged to other people along with my own. I also burdened myself with other people's expectations of me. In just one session with Dee, I was able to shed 6 years of other people's baggage plus many of my own childhood hurts. Our emotional wellness session took the edge off of strong negative emotions and free me to make healthy, joy-filled decisions. Dee freed me to be able to love both my neighbor and myself better.

After my private session with Dee, I began attending small group sessions with her, where women from all walks of life joined together in a spirit of love and healing with the techniques she teaches. Through Dee's leadership, the women found a safe, supportive place to address and overcome many and various problems.

Dee's approach with emotional wellness and healing techniques is special in several ways: first is it holistic. Of the different therapies I have encountered, her approach are the only one's that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.

Second, the techniques she teaches are empowering. After working with Dee, I was able to handle other emotionally difficult times with relative ease: I could simply talk, with her techniques and experience healing.

Dee herself not only teaches such a wonderful, healing process, but she also shares an amazing gift with those with whom she ministers: Dee has the power to put words many of the wordless aches of our souls. Combined with the techniques she teaches, this gift opens you up to a peace and joy that cannot be expressed in words.

I am truly grateful that Dee is part of my life. The Rev. Elizabeth Brashear
My experience with Dee Whitaker is that she is one of the most incredibly intuitive people that I know. Her energy and positive spirit lifts you up just being in her presence. When she works with me she has a way of 'knowing' the root cause of my problems and uses coaching and tapping techniques that helps me see my way out of the 'fog'. Even though I have only known and worked with Dee for a few months it seems like she knows me better than any long time friend ever has. She has helped me come out of self-pity and darkness and I feel is guiding me towards the light of what my life can become. I will be forever grateful to Dee's help and her continuing guidance and can only say to anyone thinking of seeing her. You have to do it! DM, Chapel Hill, NC
I went from a non believer to Wow! This really works. Dee uses some of the most effective tools I have ever seen in eradicating emotional and physical pain. I never thought I would stop obsessing about the circumstances that caused me so much angst. A true miracle! After our session, I was laughing at the very thing that caused the pain. Noelle Randall, Relationship Coach
ND had a life changing response to food cravings after a session with Dee. "The gnawing internal cues that kept me focused on food to distract me from life circumstances were released. I am now losing weight because I am free of the thoughts and behaviors that had held me hostage for years. I had binged in private for as long as I can remember. Now I am free of that need to stuff down my feelings. I am exercising and spending more time with friends since I don't have the need to isolate myself and binge."
I can't thank you enough for our session today. So different than what I have experienced in the past. Thank you God that I feel energized and not depleted after working with her. I'm so glad to feel again my normal energy of clear, solid, serious determination that used to always naturally propel me with: "I've got a lot to do!" ("I'm here for a purpose; out of my way!") There's no self-doubt or resignation in it! Amazing! Thank you for helping to restore my true self!

I now never want to leave home again, I'm so eager to COD; (clean, organize and discard!) I've felt so overwhelmed and depressed by my domestic neglect, that I've been avoiding my tasks and "living out there", instead of allowing enough time to meet my own domestic needs. I now even prefer this focused seriousness instead of the happiness of distraction! AC
Dee Whitaker started the Women's Healing Group 2 years ago for my nonprofit group WOMEN STARTING OVER AFTER 50. It has been a huge success and we meet once a month with the group growing every time. Dee's guidance with her skilled coaching and the emotional freedom work that she uses in the class have made this one of the most amazing ways to help these women to overcome toxic negative emotions that sabotage them in their life. Once she helps them clear the negative thoughts and emotions out, everyone leaves with a clear renewed sense of clarity and purpose. Dee is amazing as a person and with the results that she gets with all that she works with; we are blessed to have her. Donna Nelson